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Over the years we have provided opinions and written reports on
mechanical component failure, crashes, personal injury and causes
of mechanical damage.  These reports have been commissioned by
vehicle owners, Consumer Affairs, Police, workshop proprietors,
mining companies, Local councils, legal professionals and insurance

Continuing as an independent consultants we have:-

bullet Acted as expert witnesses on
-  diesel and petrol powered vehicles and boats in the
                  Courts of WA, NSW
                  The WA Government Small Claims Tribunal.
-  causes of and the contributing factors to vehicle fires, crashes
   resulting in personal injuries and fatalities.

investigations on personal injury compensation claims
- competency assessments on persons seeking trade qualifications
- crash insurance assessing
- industry surveys for special interest groups
- skills analysis surveys with workplace assessing for employers.


Acted as consultant for loss adjusters, risk surveyors, mining
companies and self insured companies


Developed learner centred courses for industry groups


Conducted evaluations on inventions for motor vehicle engines

Home Experience Qualifications Professional Status


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